Regional and Statewide Policy Engagement

When Amy was first approached to run for council 8 years ago, one of the assets that councilmembers felt was missing, and that she would bring, was participation and engagement at the county and state levels. Small cities are often significantly impacted by the decisions of county, state and federal government when it comes to unfunded mandates and reductions in shared revenues.

From her experiences working at the state legislature and the executive level of county government, Amy knew how important participating at all levels is for a small city. A jurisdiction the size of Duvall doesn’t have the luxury of staff participating in many technical committees, but by having councilmembers and the Mayor at the table our city would have a voice.

After she was first elected to city council Amy volunteered at every opportunity to participate and as a result, Duvall is on the radar, has good relationships with elected officials across the region – and is making an impact, particularly on transportation policy.

Additionally, building relationships with fellow city elected officials, county, state and federal representatives is extremely important for getting the work done, just as in business. Coming to the table with open mindedness, positivity and a willingness to collaborate helps build the foundation of trust and respect that is necessary to get big things accomplished.

Amy is proud of the work she has been involved with over the past several years and is pleased that major legislation and changes in policy direction have occurred as a result. Whether it’s shifting how the region plans for growth to changing transportation planning – and identifying solutions to fund it – there are key issues that impact our community.

With that, here is where Amy has been engaged and had a seat at the table representing the interests of Duvall:

Puget Sound Regional Council Executive Board – 2017


PSRC is charged with regional planning under federal and state law, including transportation, growth management and economic development. Comprised of numerous boards and committees, the PSRC develops strategies for growth in Snohomish, King, Pierce and Kitsap Counties.

PSRC is a regional planning agency with specific responsibilities under federal and state law for transportation planning, economic development and growth management.
The Executive Board meets monthly to address issues between meetings of the General Assembly.

King County Bridge and Roads Task Force — 2015, 2016

Appointed by Executive Dow Constantine and Councilmember Kathy Lambert, Task Force Work was completed between August 2015 and January 2016.


In the summer of 2015 the King County Executive and Councilmember Kathy Lambert convened a panel of regional leaders and community members to start the process of exploring and identifying solutions for maintaining and preserving the roads and bridges in unincorporated King County, some of which Duvall residents rely on to get to and from work.

Due to major annexations, economic downturns and legislative actions the King County Road Fund is not sustainable. While nearly 2 million people call King County home, only 245,000 (*OFM estimate) pay for nearly 1,500 miles of roads and 181 bridges. The task force identified opportunities for efficiencies and a long term strategy for moving forward with solving the county gap in transportation funding. Solving the problem will provide a positive benefit to Duvall commuters.

The second phase of the work is just beginning, with the members of the Sound Cities Association being key members at the table.


King County Eastside Transportation Partnership — 2010 to Present

Member representing the Snoqualmie Valley Governments Association  since 2010, currently serving as Vice-Chair


As part of King County’s efforts to improve coordination of infrastructure and transportation services, the Eastside Transportation Partnership was formed by interlocal agreement in 1987. One of three sub-area transportation boards, it was originally formed to help implement a set of project recommendations it is now focused on regional coordination and advocacy for ETP priorities. It is a common for the group to host discussions with the legislative and federal leaders in transportation policy, bringing to the forefront the issues of the eastside.


Sound Cities Association Public Issues Committee -Duvall’s primary member since 2010


The “PIC” as it is commonly referred was established in 1995 to review and evaluate policy positions to the SCA board of directions. The group includes representatives from all 37 King County member cities. In addition to evaluating and recommending policy positions, the PIC also recommends regional committee and board appointments.


Sound Cities Association Nominating Committee – Member since 2015


As the primary organization that appoints to most King County and Puget Sound Regional Council boards and commissions, the SCA Nominating Committee reviews all applications and makes recommendations to the PIC and SCA board for appointment. This committee strives to ensure all caucus areas are represented (Snoqualmie Valley, North, South and South Valley) well – and fairly.


Sound Cities Association Legislative Committee — Member since 2016


A new committee of SCA, the Legislative Committee was formed to find issues that are important to all member cities, and create a stronger voice for councilmembers advocating in Olympia.


Snoqualmie Valley Governments Association — President, 2013-2015


Comprised of the cities of Duvall, Carnation, North Bend and Snoqualmie, the Snoqualmie Tribe and Si View Parks District, the SVGA meets quarterly to discuss issues relevant to the Snoqualmie Valley community.


King County Growth Management Planning Committee Alternate — 2013


After the Growth Management Act passed in 1990, cities and counties were required to create framework policies to help guide the development of comprehensive plans. The GMPC is made up of elected officials from special purpose districts, the Port of Seattle, Seattle, Bellevue, King County and other cities and towns as appointed by SCA.
The group is in charge of developing countywide planning policies that provide a framework that each jurisdiction uses as a guide to develop and update its own comprehensive plan.


King County Regional Transit Committee – 2013, 2016, 2017


The King County Regional Transit Committee make recommendations to the County Council for policies and plans for services provided by King County Metro. The group is responsible for the Strategic Plan for Public Transportation. This plan sets the stage of goals, objectives and strategies for the agency, the Metro Service Guidelines and the Metro Connects long-range plan. The SCA board makes the member City appointments to this committee.


King County Domestic Violence Initiative – 2012


Statewide Committees

Washington State Emergency Management Council (representing Association of Washington Cities) — 2012  to  Present


With a vision of “Washington citizens, public and private infrastructure and the vitality of Washington’s economy are safe and secure”, the WA-EMC advises the Director of the Emergency Military Department and the Governor on everything related to state and local emergency management. Its mission is to minimize “the impact of emergencies and disasters on the people, property, environment and economy of Washington State.”


Association of Washington Cities Legislative Committee 2009-2013