2013 Endorsements

Amy is proud to have the endorsements of Republicans and
Democrats for re-election to this non-partisan position. Our city council,
business owners, residents, elected officials representing Duvall and
throughout the region are supporting Amy for the experienced, balanced
municipal leadership she has shown her city.

  • Jason Walker, Duvall Mayor Pro Tem
  • Gerard Cattin, Duvall Councilmember
  • Becky Nixon, Duvall Councilmember and Business Owner
  • Scott Thomas, Duvall Councilmember and Business Owner
  • Dianne Brudnicki, Duvall Councilmember (former) and Business Owner
  • Hilarie Cash, Former Duvall Planning Commissioner
  • NJ Shelsby, Duvall Business Owner
  • Julie Frazier, Former Duvall Non-Profit Board President
  • Chris and Malise Smith, Duvall Residents
  • Suzan DelBene, 1st District Congresswoman
  • Dow Constantine, King County Executive
  • Kathy Lambert, King County Council
  • Larry Springer, 45th District State Representative
  • Toby Nixon, Kirkland Councilmember and former 45th District State Representative
  • Rod  Dembowski, King County Council
  • Stephanie Wright, Snohomish County Council Chair
  • Marcie Maxwell, Former 41st District State Representative
  • Marko Liias, 21st District State Representative, House Transportation Committee Vice-Chair
  • Mark Ericks, Former 1st District State Representative and former U.S. Marshall*
  • John Lovick, Snohomish County Executive and Former Sheriff
  • Deb Eddy, Former 48th District State Representative
  • Jim Berger, Mayor of Carnation
  • Ken Hearing, Mayor of North Bend
  • John Marchione, Mayor of Redmond
  • Tom Odell, Mayor of Sammamish
  • Bernie Talmas, Mayor of Woodinville
  • Joan McBride, Mayor of Kirkland
  • David Baker, Mayor of Kenmore
  • Andy Rheaume, Bothell City Council
  • Tola Marts, Issaquah City Council
  • Amy Walen, Kirkland City Council
  • Penny Sweet, Kirkland City Council
  • Doreen Marchione, Kirkland City Council
  • Ross Loudenback, North Bend City Council
  • Kim Allen, Redmond City Council
  • Hank Margeson, Redmond City Council
  • John Stilin, Redmond City Council
  • Tom Flynn, Redmond City Council
  • Rich Zwicker, Renton City Council
  • Kingston Wall, Snoqualmie City Council
  • Richard Cole, Former Redmond Councilmember
  • Linda Mitchell
  • Karen Heidergott
  • Stacie Anderson


*For identification purposes only